Commercial Roofing

Hollstein Roofing is equipped to manage large commercial and industrial roof repairs, installations, and re-roofs. We specialize in single-ply roofing, slate & copper roofing & all types of commercial shingling and roofing projects. Learn more about the commercial roofing projects we’ve recently completed by taking a look at the photographs below. We partner with leading construction firms and commercial real estate agents across Massachusetts!

When It comes to Large Commercial and industrial roofs, it may not be safe to take a look at the roof yourself, it is important that you contact a roofing specialist like Hollstein Roofing to give a full Roof Inspection and get a better idea of what the state of your building’s roof is.  If you believe your building may be in need of a roof repair or replacement, please call us at 781-767-3080 or fill out the contact form to set up an inspection.



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